Poppy Pour

Working in art just feels so good.... Whether I am working with the human figure, the beautiful poppy, or exploring the fabulous space of abstractions.... all make me what I am and how my hands work.

Check out my blog, nancybossert.blogspot.com ,( or hit my blog link on artspan), where I try to break down the mechanical process and the emotional process of a few of my paintings. For me it doesn't seem far fetched that I will find the urge to create some jewelry pieces for galleries and on line. Touching the textures and seeing the colors, shapes and forms will have a direct relationship to my paintings.

"Poppy Pour" is still pushing my interest in the pour/swipe technique of painting, but pushing it to a different place. I did this with a few of the recent flower pieces and with "Dreams". I just traveled and was able to visit a favorite model. We had some great time spent, but the images I have of her are different than normal for me. So I am anxious to see where I go with these.

Again, with "Poppy pour" this piece involves numerous steps to get to my end result. I do teach on line privately and teach in my studio also. Inquiries are always welcome.

This piece needs to be under glass. The paper measures 30" x 22 1/2". The paper I always use is archival, 100% cotton rag and acid free. The area I would expose through the opening in a frame or mat would be approximately 27 1/2" x 19" .

Enjoy, Nancy