The Posing

"The Posing" is a drawing using a mixed media technique of pencil, some paint, marker, on 100% cotton rag, archival illustration board. This is an archival board that I love to work on.
There is still a lot of illusion in the creation of this Fine Art piece, and allowing the whiter areas to mover forward. I love how you can walk up to this piece and see the strokes that create the image.

The paper size measures 22" x 30". What I have shown is what I would reveal in the opening of a mat or frame. I would suggest matting is a 5-6 inch ma. The mat plus frame will make this a large piece.
I would keep the bottom edge with the slightly incomplete look to remind the viewer of what they are seeing.
The area I have revealed measures approximately 20" x 27".
Enjoy "The Posing", Nancy