Don't Crowd the Sapphire

"Don't Crowd the Sapphire" is a mixed media on 100% archival, acid free, 300 lb paper. This is part of my Allegorical series on paper. Availability of original is not immediately known because it is out on exhibition, but send inquiry if interested and the piece will be held.
The subject matter is my model in my studio dressed in black and a fur wrap with paper dropping or hanging, one states the title. My favorite area is the teal coloration that flows around her neck and over her left shoulder and right temple. Create your own narrative, and enjoy. This will arrive as the 300lb paper , archival and ready for you to frame to your own tastes and decor'.
The paper measures approximately 33 1/2" x 22". I would crop in to reveal an image of approximately 19" x 27", that is basically what I have shown.
Enjoy, Nancy
This uses almost the full extent of the paper. I have attached the paper as it is stretched to my board. The painted area measures approximately 28" x 20" and the paper size measure approximately 30" x 22". This should be matted with an ample sized mat, and placed under glass. Enjoy every section your eye moves over.
Thank you, nancy