Fly Away Home

"Fly Away Home" , is a new series of allegorical pieces. This is a mixed media painting on archival acid free paper, 300 lb weight. This is a favorite young model and and I am combining with my square motif in the negative and positive space. The paper measures 30" x 22 1/2". I would however, mat an opening of approximately 27 1/2" x 20" . Additional images show entire sheet of paper, plus details.

The female shows a necklace with a ladybug. A symbol of good luck, but spiritually, an image which helps to guide you to find your true self. What makes you the most fulfilled, and to keep an inventory of what actually fills your heart and follow that lead. Yet there is a dead ladybug pinned to the wall.

Additional image shows one framing possibility. Price is for the art only, no mat or frame.
Enjoy, Nancy