"Baptism" was just selected for an exhibition "Renaissance Women". a juried exhibition that will be held at the Banana Factory Gallery.

"Baptism", is now complete and is a painting using mixed media techniques. I worked from one of my favorite models and the pose was difficult to capture, but we did succeed. The gold is actually present on my photographs also. This piece is on 300lb. archival, acid free, 100% cotton rag paper. I first soak and stretch my paper before proceeding with any work. I have numerous images of this piece in progress. I start with gesso because I love the tooth it gives me to work. There is know collage technique onto this piece. I used acrylic, minimal watercolor and colored pencil. The image utilizes almost the full extent of the paper, but I would crop in on the paper to reveal what I have shown in the primary image which measures 19 1/2" x 27-28". I would put a wide mat on this piece and I always add a heavier bottom mat which is a visual that makes a piece seem to hang firm to the wall. For instance the top and sides should have the same mat measurement but the bottom should be slightly larger. Your eye doesn't usually recognize that difference, but the way the piece hangs on the wall is more balanced, weighted and soothing.
Enjoy, Nancy
Materials: archival paper, gesso, acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencil, love

I Love the model, the suggested handling techniques, i love enhancing every surface with visual texture: these are important components to the end result. You will find that I move from the abstract into suggested realism. I truly find this works best for me. I find that when I do a number of abstracts in succession they become mechanical. And that is not how I begin my movement into painting abstract, this is the same with my figurative pieces. I never want to trivialize my work or subject, and by moving between the two areas I can focus on my balance, composition structure, coloration and amount of tightness. I am truly blessed to be able to work and have patrons that recognize the hand whether it is my abstract or figurative work.
My love and passion is my family and my art. I continue to create and learn everyday. If I have to travel I do not take paints I take fibers, and create whimsical hats and poncias (ponchos that can be worn 5+ ways) never with a patterns but always with attitude and fun. Again, blessed that my hands work and that I can do and teach. Questions are always welcome. Enjoy

Enjoy, nancy