No Longer Running

"No Longer Running" combines the beautiful abstract with a muted figurative/female rendering in pencil and paint. Using the same model as in "Eve" and several other paintings. I knew the direction I wanted this piece to go in as I established a heavily textured and colored collage surface. This painting is a 24" x 24" x 1.5" wood canvas. I am painting on a primed wood surface so it will take my numerous sanding and scratching techniques.
After adhering all my papers, I decided on a limited palette that would closely tie with the figure's coloration that would later be established. I moved over my rich collage with off white/ cream hues, which I diluted and allowed lime green, gray and other colors to show. I water colored my figure and diluted acrylic paint to create her base and then scratched out or roughened areas, sanded and then went back in with more of the negative space color and pencil work to bring more detail into areas.
There is an emptiness in mood, but much for the eye to cover in texture.
Enjoy, Nancy