Crimson Line Lost

"Crimson Line Lost" is a delicate , quiet subtle fine art painting using the mixed media technique. Here, Ias I quite often do, I prepare my canvas with extra prime. and then dently collage with a number of papers. I follow up with an additional prime and acrylic paints to accept my imagery of the female nude figure. Here I offset her to the right hand side of a horizontal small 8 X 10 canvas, only 7/8" deep for ease in framing. I draw my figure in lightly and add my highlights and low lights with acrylic and some pencil work. I love working over the texture which always creates some challenges. I love how the negative space becomes much of the positive. The crimson linear edge and the crimson in her hair just accent the quiet mood. Enjoy on the wall, in a grouping or in a table easel. Nancy unframed