Cerulean Hair

"Cerulean Hair" is a female model in the process of putting on a dress. This is a mixed media painting on a 100% cotton rag, archival, acid free paper. I utilized a number of techniques and materials to create "Cerulean Hair". First sketching my subject, using a water color wash to establish my color base, and a liquid mask. I built on my water color and added gesso and acrylic paint, and worked a family of colored pencils to the figure surface. I enjoy my model's left arm carrying the cerulean theme, and the touch of orange in the hair. As you view much of my work, you will notice my love of texture and mass/linear combination. I welcome all questions. The paper measures approximately 15" x 11". I would expose an area , through the mat, of approximately 13 1/2" x 9". I show the full area and the cropped area. On the full photo view you will notice that I staple my paper. The staples are to stretch the paper so I maintain a flat working surface. Enjoy, nancy