Escaping Burdens

I am fascinated with creating allegorical pieces, I have always been intrigued with the use of iconography in art. Here I can tell a story or allow the viewer to create their own narrative. The composition has to be strong and I will tend to work with textured both tactile and visual. So much is suggested, but I find that my eye will flow and continue to find new places to rest and become absorbed. That is why I enjoy so many abstract artists as well as creative realists. When you appreciate the arts in any form, you find great enjoyment in all you see; whether a rough wall, flowing water over rocks, stones just uprooted in a field, etc.

This fine art piece is a painting on primed 100% archival paper, acid free, cotton rag. I started by laying out the study of my model and new I wanted the addition of a crow. I used some collage techniques, acrylic paint, watercolor, wax, inscribing into my surface, and oil. This piece does require glass, and no art work should be placed in direct sunlight or close to a heat source.
The over all size of the paper is 16.5" x 22", but I would crop in to reveal an area of approximately 14" x 16" wide. There is more that could be opened up to view, and I include that in one of my extra photographs, but I prefer a tighter image being presented. Add a large mat, or frame to the edge, you will receive the entire paper.

I have attached a photograph of how this piece might be framed. However, your choices are limitless, this is a 20" x 24" frame. This piece does not include the mat and frame.

Painting is a very personal process, it feels so fabulous to create. Enjoy, I welcome all questions, nancy

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A favorite piece, that just keeps on giving. Love and struggle. Enjoy