White Robe

"White Robe" to love creating is such a wonderful feeling, and sharing and teaching makes the passion even more pleasurable and exciting. I love handling the figure. And with this model, I decided to focus on the upper torso, the robe, which created a wonderful white space to manipulate. The mix of colors is such a heavy blend of cool and warms that it becomes an overwhelming play with the movement of my hands, I cannot say that it is soft, but a stronger hand, until I reach the blend desired. This is classified as a painting on archival, acid free, 100% cotton rag paper. I have used a number of materials to achieve the end result including acrylic paint, watercolor, gesso, and pencil. The play and sequence of materials is very important, but wonderful to feel each material and push the process. This is not a huge piece. The full paper measures 22" x 15". The area I would choose to expose through the opening in a mat ( as revealed in my 1st view) would be approximately 19 " x 11 1/2". "White Robe" does require glass.
Enjoy all the matting and framing possibilities.

Enjoy, Nancy