"Untold " is an acrylic painting on a deeper stretched canvas measuring 24" x 24" x 1 1/2". Subject is one of my models, same model that posed for "Baptism" and several others. However, this is a loose handling of the upper portion of the figure and she has sunglasses on.
This is a square format and is not framed, nor does it need framing. This is wired and ready to hang. Interior view shows what
it might look like with a black floater frame.

The young woman has a tattoo on her arm, but this is a story. Tattoos are so beautiful and to the wearer they most often have a story or a meaning for why they chose the image they chose to have inked. Here in "Untold" I want the viewer to question the figure and the tattoo, almost like the Scarlet Letter, she is wearing a mental tattoo. That is why the tattoo is rendered in random stamping. Narrative, does her posture, sunglasses actually reveal she has much on her mind, much that is "Untold" but the way we carry ourselves is actually being revealed to others around us.
Take time to contemplate the many ways we communicate.
I always have a narrative to my pieces, whether using iconography, through gestures, colorations etc., this also includes my abstractions.
Enjoy, Nancy