"Transcend" is part of my pool series. This is a mixed media /encaustic painting on archival paper. Here my model floats in the pool with a white gauze shirt. The water actually had golden sparkles of light throughout and I played on this with the additional of yellow ocher. I attached the full sheet, but where I cropped is where I feel the painting should be revealed, However it can be opened up more. This piece will arrive matted, I build up the mat so glass will not touch the painting. Size indicated the shipping size. Image size is what I would suggest being shown through the mat, 22" x 15. 5" When you view the full sheet of paper, the work goes almost to the edge of the 22" x 30". Overall mat size when shipped will be approximately 25" x 30". Again, this can be re matted and opened up to be larger.

Enjoy, Nancy