Raven Hair

"Raven Hair" is a new mixed media painting on 100% archival paper.
I show and add text on how this piece was created on my artspan blog and I welcome all comments and questions.

This is a nice size piece, with the paper measuring 15 1/2 " x 14 1/2". The area I would expose is pretty much how the main photograph crops the piece, revealing an image of approximately 14" x 12 1/2".
Coloration is orange, orange/rust, teal, black, white and flesh tones. This is a mixed media painting which incorporates, acrylic paint, gesso, watercolor, ink and pencil.
Very pensive is the pose, dreamlike for your interior space. Has a looseness to balance the tight.
Create your own narrative, I always have mine.
Please take time to play around with the print option even if your desire is the original. Costs nothing to play and you can view on different colored walls. I limit the number of prints to 10 of any of my pieces. Once that number is obtained the print option in removed.