"Black Line Nude, Vulnerable"

"Black Line Nude, Vulnerable" is currently in an exhibition, "Twenty-Seventeen, A Year in Review" with a 2nd juried piece of mine "Huh" (post truth).

They are both for sale, but only at the brick and mortar gallery until the close of the exhibition and then will be priced on this site. However, prints can always be purchased and I encourage all to look at that option if offered. It helps in determining how you like the original on the wall and if when you receive the original would you prefer a frame on it, or what options do you have with prints and various sizes. I will never allow more than ten prints of any of my pieces. When that number is reached the print option is removed.

On my artblog, nancybossert.blogspot.com you can read more about this piece and as it relates to Dirty Pours, and it is also under the 2017 exhibition. Enjoy, more information on the mental as well as physical process. There is a direct link to my blog on artspan.

This is a acrylic painting on a deep canvas, 12" x 9" x 1.5". I chose not to frame this piece, mainly because of the mental process and composition. I Love the sides of this canvas, which are painted, but very raw. A great contrast to the figure on the dark ground and the harsh outline. This is also my figure study I used in my watercolor nude recently posted.

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This will be priced at $340.00 for the original.

Enjoy, small but powerful.