"Dreams" is a mixed media acrylic painting with pencil on archival paper. My preference is 300 lb Hot press, cotton rag. I always stretch my paper prior to work.
This particular piece I show on my blog, which can be accessed through my site on art span. I show the steps that created this piece and the whys.
This was started by a photo session with one of my models. I love odd angles, vantage points and then wanted to combine numerous techniques.
This paper measures 22.5" x 30". My work is priced by size and material. I would crop the image view in the mat to reveal an area of approximately 18 1/2" x 24" . You could extend the opening more, However, where I have the first image shown is how much I would reveal. I will crop the paper slightly now that it is complete to 20.5" x 27".