Seated on Ocher

"Seated on Ocher", is a female figurative fine art piece on archival paper. This is a mixed media piece using a paint and collage base. I choose several hues and then the application of a rich ocher paper. I will discuss this piece on my which is included in my menu on my artspan site, "my blog link".

The paper measures approximately 16" x 9 1/2". the area to expose through the opening in a mat or frame would be approximately 13" x 8 1/2".
Coloration is soft seafoam teal , rust/orange, ocher, white and black.

I would love to see a wider mat on this piece, so give it space. Play with the frame option whether you choose to purchase the original or a print option. Artspan gives you so many ideas, even the color of your wall!
Enjoy, Nancy