Draped Torso

The beauty of the human figure has been enjoyed and appreciated throughout the ages. This is handled somewhat like "Earth as Garment" (SOLD) and had always been a favorite in the monochromatic handling. Even though I say Monochromatic, this piece is actually filled with warm and cool colors, using them to create contour and cancel each-other out to neutralize. I use equally as many blues and greens in creating flesh as a do warm hues.
Here I painted the archival paper with an acrylic paint mixture. traveling from a dark on the left to a richer sienna brown moving to the right. Loving texture, I created stippling in water marks to interrupt my smooth surface.
Then using paint, gesso and pencil to allow my figure to emerge.
Full paper measures 22" x 15". I would crop in on the figure as shown in my first image as what should fill the opening in a mat or frame, approximately 16" x 11-12". However, you have a wide range if you would like to expose more.
Check out the wonderful print option on Artspan even if you want to purchase the original. This tool is so helpful in looking at this fine art piece in a frame and on different colored walls.
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