Verbal Scars

"Verbal Scars" is a seated nude female figure in a crouched position. A low light seems to reveal as a door/opening on the left. This becomes a visual metaphor for the emotional and the physical being. The vulnerability of what we might encounter , how we might want to handle what we are uncertain of.
After I thought this piece was complete, I had the opportunity to sit with a young woman wounded verbally for many years. This piece took on that hurt with the white markings revealed. Understand the process, I did not add the white on top of the piece, instead I sanded the surface and the white markings became evident. Nothing new was added, only what was taken away. This is a very low keyed piece. Know that we all have burdens and many of them don't show, but leave tremendous life long marks.
This is a mixed media painting using the encaustic method of wax.
The overall size of the paper measures 22" x 19". The area that should be exposed through the mat is approximately 18 1/2 x 16 1/2" . I would reveal the light coming in on the left and crop slightly on her back on the right.

Lots of visual texture. This piece does require glass.
Enjoy, Nancy
Play around with the print/frame option just to see how this original would look framed. I love wider mats on pieces. But most of all Enjoy,