Tiled Bath

"Tiled Bath" , when your bath is almost over and you want to continue to rest quietly in the space. My model takes pleasure in escaping into a quiet dream, the heat is still in her body from the water, but most has drained away; let these few additional minutes linger.
The tub, a tub of dreams with patterns enveloping her body. A dark wash was the last stage of this piece to harmonize the mood, but take time to move your eye through the piece. "Tiled Bath" has visual and tactile texture in every inch, but rest upon the shadow created by her upright leg and you will gain balance to this piece. Another favorite area is the left leg and foot, how I decided to end that leg!
I demonstrate the process of this piece on my blog: nancybossert.blogspot.com.

This piece does require glass. The paper measures approximately 22" x 30", but expose an area of 17" x 26" through the opening in a mat or frame. That will allow some of the piece to extend under the mat.
Most of all enjoy, surrender yourself to these quiet moments.

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