Thoughts in the Room

"Thoughts in the Room " is a mixed media / encaustic painting on archival paper. The paper measures 22" x 15" . I would crop in for matting and framing a viewing area of approximately 20" x 14 1/2". This will allow a small portion to go under the matting. The 20" x 14 1/2" is what I show in my first image of this piece.

I believe my favorite part of this piece is her extended foot in addition to the overall texture, light, and linear elements. I enjoy the use of collage, paint, stamping (texture) and oil paint and encaustic technique.

I am so fortunate to love what I do, love to create, love to inspire.
I would recommend a 5 - 6" mat around this piece to allow it to breathe. When I frame I allow for a heavier bottom mat, that just means that the dimension at the bottom is greater than the top and sides. It is a visual weight that makes the piece seem to hang more firmly on the wall, So increase the bottom dimension by an 1". You will be surprised at what that does.
Also, Artspan offers the wonderful opportunity of frame options. You may still want to purchase and own the original, but play with this option. There is no obligation to "play". You will be able to see how different colored mats look on the piece as well as white, and different frame choices. You can even change the paint color on the wall.
I always welcome questions.
I was just asked a question about my final stage in this piece where I use an oil wash and then wipe it off. The question was , was this to give an antiquing look to the piece? My response: not antiquing, but it may give that final appearance. The oil wash will give another unifying factor of tone to the entire piece. But, I have scribed into the piece prior to my oil wash. the scribing allows for more linear elements to happen. I can still work on the piece if I want to, but generally just move on.
Most of all, Enjoy, nancy