Nude Repose with Teal Hair

"Nude Repose with Teal Hair" is a series of female nudes and semi nudes on a smaller format. These are all 8" x 10" x 5/8" deep stretched canvases. They all use a similar palette of off white, sienna, soft blue, taupe, black, and more.
These are easy to fame and enjoy alone or in a grouping, on the wall or on a table easel.
Enjoy all the framing options.

I enjoy the spontaneity of the nude figure with the color fractionation within the space.

You might want to see how I framed "Nude Recline with Orange Sheer".

Enjoy, Nancy
An additional comment is that most of these I have not carried the paint onto the sides of the canvas, so if you view the entire canvas you will see some of the white gesso canvas visible. This look I was embracing. But on this site, and to allow for prints, I copped that tiny white out. However, in my attached views I am showing you a better view of the edges. You can always contact me for more images.
Thank you, Nancy