Jasper Nude

"Jasper Nude", is a smaller format oil painting on a wood cradled stretcher. Just painted and done using the same technique as the Red Koi. This one probably won't be ready to ship for a few weeks because of drying.
I am just moving my items into my new 900 sf studio space, but have been anxious to create. So it has been an exciting few months, but I need to work on several commissions also. follow me on instagram, I have shown some of my working space , bossertnancy
Ruby is punched with more color, but the color is still low keyed. Color mix of warms: reds, orange, ocher, sienna,and then smacked with a few pops of a lime green.
This piece has expressive strokes that can be felt as well as seen.
I will probably frame in a narrow floater frame.