Dressed in Lime Chiffon

"Dressed in Lime Chiffon" is an encaustic (wax and pigment), mixed media painting of a young woman with her head leaning back, wearing a top that the painting is titled for. The negative space is very warm and the coloration can best be described as sepia or rust hued which harmonizes with her flesh tone. The figure is at rest, a quiet moment. This piece measures approximately 20" x 20".

This piece is a mixed media painting using encaustic techniques. I first gessoed my archival, acid free paper to accept all my methods. I then added collage as my next step and toned it to accept the placement of my figure. The negative space is toned with acrylic paint and gesso. Next I render my figure, allowing the negative space coloration to become part of her figure; this creates a the unification of positive to negative. Added more paint as a base for hair, lime top, and any deeper areas. I also added whites and lights in paint to the lit areas. Then I love to go back in and add pencil to add to my high and low lights; this is all done with the addition of wax.

collage, acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencil, archival paper, gesso.

No frame, piece is approximately 20"x 20". Can be framed to the edge or matted.

Enjoy, Nancy