Linear Made Flesh

"Linear Made Flesh" is a small fun find in the studio.

I truly love rendering the human figure, and here you see the female form in an encaustic (wax and pigment). The emphasis is on the figure and her face (head) is in shadow and not the area of attention. Zoom in for a close-up of the torso and see the numerous colorations that create the figure. Also view the etched line work.

This piece is created on Strathmore 500 acid free/ archival board, a wonderful surface to work on. This piece is not matted or framed, leaving so many possibilities for the final presentation to the collector. The overall size of the paper measures 12" x 11 1/4" and reveals some of my staple marks from the stretching process. I would probably exposed an area of 11" x 9" through the opening in the mat. The piece is dominated by a tobacco brown hue in the negative space which becomes a vital coloration to the body. The paper, which I typicaaly refer to as a board because of thickness, is hand dyed to the tobacco brown coloration.

That brown color is used as another color in my hand and works to harmonize my piece.

I welcome all inquiries, Enjoy, Nancy SOLD