Rhyolite Recline, mixed media

Four Years ago this one 1st in its category in a major East Coast Invitational, the year prior another encaustic of mine "Remembering the 70's", was acknowledged as Best of Show.

This nude is more subdued in overall coloration compared to "Silver Leaf Recline ~ Sold". My favorite part is the diagonal run or movement of the paint that crosses her lower legs, and the handling of the coloration in the upper torso. Move in for close-ups of the surface. This is a visual as well as a tactile surface.

I am showing an image of approximately 18 1/2" x 28 1/2" of art with the paper being slightly larger to fit under the matting.

This is a painting using mixed media techniques on an archival, acid free cotton rag surface which has been primed to accept my materials. This piece can also be classified as an encaustic which is a painting using pigment and wax. I am using the encaustic method over my base sketch and collaged surface. I am an artist passionate for visual texture, and the combination of shape and form. Here, as in a number of my fine art pieces, I have created a unique way of making my own thin archival paper tiles. I will make a stack of them in the studio and later decide how I will place them into a piece. In, Rhyolite Recline, I have used them in the upper negative space and a few in the lower right hand corner.

These are placed and cut in after my figure has been drawn. This piece does require glass and no art work should ever be placed in direct sunlight or close to a heat source. Enjoy all the framing possibilities of "Ryolite Recline".

When you receive this piece you will feel the rich wax texture.

My love and passion is my family and my art. I continue to create and learn everyday. If I have to travel I don't take paints I take fibers, and create whimsical hats and poncias (ponchos that can be worn 5+ different ways) never with patterns but always with attitude and fun. Again, blessed that my hands work and that I can do and teach. I attached one of my many fiber pieces.
Questions are always welcome. Enjoy