Earth as Garment

"Earth as Garment" is an encaustic on archival/acid free watercolor paper. "Garment as Earth" was created with my love for the human form. With all our real and imagined imperfections, beauty is revealed. Her head slightly turned away and in shadow, mystery can still be sought in viewing the piece, the textures. What looks to be a monochromatic Fine Art piece, is actually loaded with coloration in subtle form. Take time to enjoy the quiet quality of "Earth as Garment", and create your own narrative. I attached a view of the entire piece of paper measuring approximately 30" x 20". However I would mat in on the piece where I have shown on the main image revealing approximately 26" x 17" through the opening of the mat. This will be quite large after matting and framing. Enjoy, Nancy
This is one of my favorites! Glad you are enjoying it!