Brown Robe

"Brown Robe" is a mono print on acid free archival paper. This is one of my favorite techniques. The result is wonderful, and don't worry about the term "print" there is only one.

This print process is exciting. I have a wonderful press in my lower studio. I paint the image directly in oil on a plate. The paper is an acid free, archival, 100% cotton; this paper is soaked in water prior to printing.

After the paper has soaked in water the paper is wiped down to remore the excess water. The plate with the oil image to be printed with the damp paper is run through the press. The image (the oil paint) is transferred to the paper and a plate impression is left, that impression can be covered by the mat.

The result is exciting and spontaneous.

I love it. "Brown Robe" is matted and framed. The image size exposed through the mat is 8" x 6". The mat is chamois and measures a 5" top and sides with a 5 1/2" bottom measurement.

The frame is a brone/gold with a burned out aged look. The front profile measures 1 1/8".

The overall measurement of "Brown Robe" is 20 1/2" x 18. and comes ready to hang and enjoy

Enjoy, Nancy Sold