Wrapped in White

"Wrapped in White" hangs in my dining area. I usually frame nice, but this one is over the top. I just loved the sensitivity of the model, the pose, the the molding.

As with so many of my pieces I love to let my surface suggest elements and in this case suggest the garment. I love the balance between a refined area and a beautifully handled linear area. This is not only left to my paintings but to all my art areas.

This is a mixed media with an image exposed through the opening of the mat of approximately 19" x 13". The support is archival and acid free. The mat is Khaki linen on the outside and it is triple matted. The mat dimension is 4 1/2" top and sides with a 5 " bottom mat. The frame is gorgeous! The frame has a front profile of wonderful carving and movement that measures 6 1/4".

The overall size of "Wrapped in White" measures 40 1/2" x 34".

I attached a few pieces that have been sold for your viewing.

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Enjoy, Nancy